Conference Topics

No Regular Topics
1 Physics of Failures and Degradation
2 Model-based Prognostics
3 Monitoring, Diagnostic and Prognostic Methods
4 Advanced sensing technologies
5 Data-driven Prognostics
6 Industrial Big Data Analytics
7 Condition-based Maintenance
8 Anomaly Detection and Process Control
9 Remaining Useful Life Prediction
10 Accelerated Life and Degradation Test
11 PHM Standards, Verification and Validation
12 Structural Health Management
13 PHM in Smart Manufacturing System
14 PHM for Electronics, Components and MEMS
15 PHM for Automotive, Marine and Heavy Industry
16 PHM for Energy and Smart Grid Applications
17 PHM and Reliability Design for Software
18 Industrial Internet of Things and Cloud Computing for PHM
19 Maintenance Activities Planning and Scheduling Optimization
20 Hazard Modeling and Risk Assessment
No Special Topics
1 Industrial Internet and PHM as a Service
2 Industrial Internet Platform
3 Machine Intelligence Augmented PHM
4 System Engineering Design of PHM for Complicated and Fleet Systems
5 Advances in PHM and Reliability Engineering for Aviation and Aerospace System
6 Advances in Deep Learning Neural Network for PHM
7 Autonomous Powering and Wireless Sensor Network
8 Smart Operation and Maintenance for Wind Farms
9 Smart Factory Applications for the 4th Industrial Revolution in Consumer Electronics Industry
10 PHM for Railway Transportation Systems
11 PHM for Communication Networks and Internet Data Centers
12 Bearing and Gear Prognostics and Diagnostics
13 PHM for Smart and Connected Vehicles
14 Engine Health Management
15 Structural Health Monitoring
16 Reliability Engineering
17 Battery & Fuel Cell Health Management