Confirmed keynote speakers notice

Andrew Hess
President of PHM Society

“The Ever Expanding Continuum of PHM with Respect to Experiences, Capabilities, and Applications”

Bio: Andy Hess is globally recognized as a leader and expert in the fields of advanced diagnostics, Prognostics and Health Management (PHM), Condition Based Maintenance (CBM+), asset management, big data analytics, and predictive maintenance. For over 35 years, at the Naval Air System Command, Andy lead the innovation, development, and implementation of condition monitoring systems for all the Navy fixed wing and helicopter applications. He is widely recognized as a leader in the area of turbine engine monitoring systems. Andy helped formulate the autonomic logistics concept and lead the PHM development for the JSF F-35 program. Andy is a widely used consultant to industry, government, and academic organizations in the fields of advanced diagnostics, prognostics, health and asset management, and enterprise wide applications. Andy is the current president of the PHM Society and remains active in many other professional, advisory, and standards organizations and committees. Andy started his career in flight testing at the Naval Air Test Center and Naval Air Warfare Center evaluating aircraft systems; developing the first comprehensive engine monitoring system; and playing significant roles in the development of military aircraft. He has been a Senior Engineering Fellow at NAVAIR and a Fellow of the Society for Integrated Engineering Asset Management. He leads the PHM effort for the Joint Strike Fighter JPO. Through his consulting firm, Andy helped DARPA structure and manage their large materials and structures based Prognosis program. Some of his other clients have included: Bell Helicopter, Boeing, General Atomics, NASA Ames, Honeywell, the US Army CECOM, Sikorsky, Teledyne Controls, the SAS Institute, the Australian and Canadian governments, the University of Maryland CALCE, and sundry small businesses.

Steven W. Holland
IEEE Fellow

“Prognostics & Health Management in the Automotive Industry”

Bio: Steve Holland is the leading proponent of Prognostics & Health Management in the global automotive industry. He retired following a long career at General Motors in early 2019 where he most recently served as a Research Fellow, Chief of Vehicle Health Management (VHM), and Chair of GM’s Senior Leadership Technical Council. In 2002, he led a team of researchers that designed and implemented a very successful, large-scale manufacturing application of prognostics. He was the first to layout a vision for automotive PHM at the IEEE ESTC technical conference in 2008 in Greenwich, England. In 2015, he helped launch OnStar Proactive Alerts which now provides starting system prognostics for millions of GM vehicle customers. He has served on the PHM Board of Directors since 2014 and was its inaugural director to champion automotive PHM. He has been active in the SAE IVHM Standards efforts since 2012 and chaired the influential JA6268 recommended practice on Health-Ready Components published in April 2018. Steve is a Life Fellow of IEEE and a Fellow of the PHM Society. Mr. Holland holds technical degrees from Kettering & Stanford Universities.

Prof. Ian Jennions
Professor and Director, IVHM Centre, Cranfield University

“IVHM – A Key Enabler for Future Civil Aerospace”

Bio: Ian's career spans over 40 years, working mostly for a variety of gas turbine companies. He has a Mechanical Engineering degree and a PhD in CFD both from Imperial College, London. He has worked for Rolls-Royce (twice), General Electric and Alstom in a number of technical roles, gaining experience in aerodynamics, heat transfer, fluid systems, mechanical design, combustion, services and IVHM. Ian moved to Cranfield in July 2008 as Professor and Director of the newly formed IVHM Centre. The Centre is funded by a number of industrial companies, including Boeing, BAE Systems, Thales, Meggitt, MOD and Alstom Transport. He has led the development and growth of the Centre, in research and education, since its inception. The Centre offers an IVHM short course each year and has offered an IVHM MSc. Ian is on the editorial Board for the International Journal of Condition Monitoring, a Director of the PHM Society, Vice-chairman of SAE's IVHM Steering Group, contributing member of the SAE HM-1 IVHM committee, a Chartered Engineer and a Fellow of IMechE, RAeS and ASME. He is the editor of five recent SAE books: 1. IVHM - Perspectives on an Emerging Field; 2. IVHM - Business Case Theory and Practise; 3. IVHM - the Technology; 4. IVHM - Essential Reading; 5. IVHM - Implementation and Lessons Learned and a co-author of the book: ‘No Fault Found – The Search for the Root Cause’.

Prof. Youn Byeng Dong
Professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering, College of Engineering, Seoul National University

“Industrial Deep Learning for PHM”

Bio: Dr. Byeng D. Youn is a Professor of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering at Seoul National University (SNU) and the CEO of OnePredict Inc. He is currently the Future-Tech Consulting Fellow of LG Electronics. He earned Ph.D. degree from the University of Iowa in 2001. His research goal is to develop rational reliability and design methods based on mathematics, physics, and statistics for use in complex engineered systems, mainly focused on energy systems. His current research includes reliability-based design, prognostics and health management (PHM), energy harvester design, and statistical verification and validation (V&V). He also serves as an Editor of many notable journals. His research has been supported by the National Research Foundation (NRF) in Korea, Samsung Electronics, General Motors, and so on, and his accumulated funds amount to 10 million dollars.

Dr. Eric Bechhoefer
President of GMSP
Former Chief Scientist of Goodrich SIS

“System Engineering Consideration for Light Helicopter Heath and Usage Monitoring System”

Bio: Eric Bechhoefer is a retired Naval Flight Officer who has worked in aviation for over 35 years. He served in key engineering roles at MITRE Corporation and Goodrich Sensors & Integrated Systems, where he was a senior contributor in research and development for helicopter condition-based maintenance systems. He currently serves on the board of directors for the Prognostic and Health Management Society. Dr. Bechhoefer holds a Biology degree from the University of Michigan. He has an MS in Operations Research from the Naval Postgraduate School, and a PhD in Engineering (specializing in digital signal processing) from Kennedy Western University. His credits include more than 120 journal papers and 23 patents in the field of condition monitoring.

Kai Goebel

“Design for Resilience – When to choose PHM over Redundancy”

Bio: Kai Goebel is a Principal Scientist in the System Sciences Lab (SSL) at PARC. His interest is in prognostics health management, and autonomy for a broad spectrum of cyber-physical systems in the transportation, energy, aerospace, defense, and manufacturing sectors. Prior to joining PARC, Dr. Goebel worked at NASA Ames Research Center and General Electric Corporate Research & Development center. At NASA, he was leading the Discovery and Systems Health tech area which included groups for machine learning, quantum computing, physics modeling, and diagnostics & prognostics. Dr. Goebel has carried out applied research in the areas of machine learning, real time monitoring, diagnostics, and prognostics. He has fielded numerous applications for aircraft engines, transportation systems, energy applications, medical systems, and manufacturing systems. He holds 18 patents and has published more than 350 papers. Dr. Goebel was an adjunct professor at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute is now adjunct professor at Lulea Technical University. He is a member of IEEE, ASME, AAAI, AIAA, VDI, and SAE. He is a co-founder of the Prognostics and Health Management Society and is associate editor of the International Journal of PHM.

More keynote speakers are to be determined ...