Statement of PHMAP19 LOC

We regret that PHM Society has withdrawn from PHMAP19 Conference due to some complicated situations. After careful study and decision, the LOC solemnly stated that the PHMAP19 conference will continue as scheduled. Except for the changes of short courses and keynote speeches caused by the absence of experts from PHM Society, other plans are not affected. The LOC has invited other renowned experts and scholars from the industry to bring you an academic feast in the field of PHM.
At present, some global outstanding experts and scholars are successfully invited to give keynote speeches, including Mr. Eric Bechhoefer, expert in Health and Usage Monitoring Systems, CEO and Chief Engineer of Green Power Monitoring Systems, Prof. Dr. Andrew Kusiak, Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering, University of Iowa, Prof. Dr. Byeng Dong Youn, Department of Machinery and Aerospace, Seoul National University, Prof. Dr. Xu Wang, Department of Automotive and Mechanical Engineering, RMIT University, Prof. Dr. Ning Hu, Vice President, Hebei University of Technology, and Prof. Yupeng Li, Vice President, Shenyang Jianzhu University. The LOC has also invited Mr. Junyou Shi, Senior Engineer and Mr. Yong Shen, Deputy Chief Engineer of AVIC SAMRI to give short courses for PHM beginners. In addition, there will be Big Data Challenge as well as thematic sharing integrating cutting-edge trends and best engineering practices on the conference.
Please refer to the agenda of PHMAP19 for details.
Thank you for your support and understanding!
28 June 2019