The PHM 2019 Data Challenge is now open for entries!

The PHM Data Challenge is a competition open to all potential conference attendees. The challenge of this year is focused on Prognosis of Rotor Parts Fly-off. This is a fully open competition in which collaboration is encouraged. The teams may be composed of any combination of students, researchers, and industry professionals. The results are evaluated by the PHM Asia Pacific 2019 Data Challenge Committee and all teams are ranked. The top three scoring teams are invited to attend the PHM AP conference and will be awarded cash prizes of USD 1000, 600, and 300, respectively, as well as a certificate issued by PHM Society. The Award will be issued during the Conference.
Detailed information about the Data Challenge is available on the competition website Data Challenge. Participants are required to register by clicking the button "click to participate" to login your account and complete the registration process. Further information such as competition schedule and regulations can also be checked on the competition webpage.
For any request please contact the local organizing committee by email at